Interests: Music, Arts, Snowboard, Food, friends…
Movies: Vanilla sky, Into the wild, Moon, Seul au monde, Dark City and many, many others…
Music: Metallica, Amon Tobin, Renaud, Suffocation, Cinematic Orchestra, Ray Charles…
Artist: Hetfield, MJ, Lasseter, Miyazaki…
Game: Half Life 2, Bioshock
Cartoon character: Mickey :D

- CD Artwork & Layout (Cover, layout, inlay, digipack, promo cd…)
- DVD Artwork
- Book Cover and Illustration
- Webdesign, website and Myspace page creation
- Animated intro for website or headers
- Logo
- Many kind of printed stuffs like flyers, posters, shirts, sweat, stickers, postal cards, calendars, badges, backdrop…
(Contact me for print prices, I can help you !)

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